Polaroid 3D Play Smart


Polaroid Compact Desktop 3D Printer.

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• Only 5KG.
• 360 ° Ventilation duct to instantly cool material.
• Heated printing of aluminum and magnesium alloy.
• Quick release and quick-change 0.4mm nozzle.
• One-click instant printing using models stored in printer memory.
• 1Kg Polaroid Universal PLA material included at no extra cost.
• Polaroid Precise Filament Holder & Scale is included at no extra cost.

• Multi-color printing.
• Print multiple items at a time.
• View, edit, and save the print area before printing.
• Download and print free models directly from our library library.
• See how long it will take to print and how much material it will use.

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Weight 5.0 kg